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Oru Kayaks on the waters of Verla

ORU 1: Inlet
ORU 2: Inlet
ORU 3: Inlet
ORU 4: Inlet
ORU 5: Beach
ORU 6: Beach
From €50.00 / 14 h
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The waters of Verla offer excellent opportunities for exhilarating paddling. Below Verla rapids, the waters of Vähä- and Iso-Kamponen open up, bordering the Puolakka dam. Above the Verla rapids, the route begins with narrow, winding stretches opening out into the vast Lake Suolajärvi and Lake Niskajärvi.

Oru Kayak

We believe that everyone should get out and kayak - even those without transport, large facilities or the ability to carry heavy equipment.

It's great to explore nearby waters, beaches and make spontaneous trips from the shore or even from your cottage. The trip doesn't always have to be long or arduous, and you need to be able to paddle easily, even after work or by public transport. We want to see how Oru Kayak is changing the way people think about getting out on the water and paddling. The waters of Verla are perfect for Oru Kayak.

The models can be found in Suma:

  • Oru Kayak Inlet
  • Oru Kayak Beach

Oru Kayak Oru Kayak Oru Kayak Oru Kayak Oru Kayak Oru Kayak

  • Kayak
  • Paddle
  • Buoyancy aids 1 piece for an adult with swimming skills, weight 40 - 130 kg

Rental time and pick up

Verla Suman Oru can be rented either for a day or for 24 hours or more.

Daily rental

The daily rental period is from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and is 14 hours long. After the rental period, the raft is picked up at 9 a.m. at the earliest and must be returned cleaned by 6 p.m.

Daily rental

Daily bookings start at 12 noon on the day of arrival and end at 12 noon on the day of departure. After the rental period starts, the basket is collected at 12 noon at the earliest and must be returned to the collection point cleaned by 12 noon on the day of expiry.

Pick-up location

Oru Kayaks can be found in Suma, Myllymakasiini, in the middle of the UPM Verla factory museum. Suma is a 24-hour service point where, in addition to rental equipment, you can buy a variety of equipment and food. So you can buy, for example, drinks for your outing.
Verla's Suma has a smart lock on the door that works with a PIN code. The PIN code is automatically sent to those booking the rental equipment.

NOTE! Verla Suma is a 24h camera-controlled facility. Each self-service visitor is identified and registered. All cases of abuse, theft and the like will be reported to the police. Together with the report, the camera surveillance recordings, identifiers and related personal data are forwarded to the authorities.

Basic instructions

You use the rental equipment at your own risk. The customer must check the equipment before using it. A broken board must not be used and the discovery must be reported to Suma staff without delay.
Check that there is sufficient pressure on the board.

  • Carry the instrument from Suma directly to the shore. Do not handle the instrument on land.
  • Use the instrument with care and without unnecessary force. However, if something breaks, report it openly and as soon as possible to ensure a successful trip for the next renter.
  • Always clean the equipment after use.
  • Return the tool to the same place you picked it up.


  • Swimming skills are compulsory.
  • When using self-paddling equipment, the user must have previous paddling experience. If no experience is available, it is not possible to use the equipment without first going through an intro (to be booked separately).
  • The user is always on the water at his own risk and is fully responsible for his own safety.
  • A buddy is your best protection, so paddle with a buddy or in a group
  • Always tell the other person where you are going and what your schedule is
  • Plan your trips carefully to match your experience and skill level.
  • Always check the weather forecast before you go out on the water. Be prepared for the weather.
  • Don't go in strong winds.
  • Take your phone with you.
  • Stock up on drinks and protect yourself from the sun
  • It is strictly forbidden to use the equipment while under the influence of alcohol.