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Hang Outdoors

Hang Outdoors is a new generation online store and network of partners. There are manufacturers, product developers, well-known brands, individual small entrepreneurs, travel operators and international networks, and of course the consumer interface of our own services, which is the mirror of our operations. On the technology side, we monitor, test and deploy the latest applications, technical solutions and new-to-market solutions. For our location, close cooperation with the UPM Verla mill museum, Metsähallitus and local landowners and village communities is important.

We operate on three different levels

1. We sell and produce new outdoor products and services for hikers to enjoy nature, and we supply equipment packages to tour operators to ensure quality and experiential services and experiences.

2. We test and develop new products, services and accommodation solutions for low carbon footprint and sustainable tourism needs in the SUMA development environment located in the World Heritage Site of Verla.

3. We are building the HANG OUTDOORS network for ecotourism, sharing not only customers and values but also the latest technological solutions.

If you are a new or existing tourism operator, equipment manufacturer or technology developer, you are welcome to explore the SUMA development platform.and discuss what we can collaborate on in the future to deliver a smaller carbon footprint and greater experiences to the world.

Tony Tavi
p. 050 350 6160