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Our Infinity Game

Tourism, trade, logistics, technology, consumption and leisure experiences are all on the brink of major change. Our lifestyles and current pressures have not been sustainable for some time. This is reflected in the degradation of nature, natural resources and well-being, in addition to climate change. The only honest way to look at a sustainable future is to consider the consequences of our actions and our ecological footprint and minimise it while our services or products add value and create positive things around us.

New trading models and technologies are enabling networks between businesses and traders, bundling services, sharing stocks and serving and communicating with common customers efficiently and automatically. Add to that authentic nature experiences and services in the world's cleanest, most beautiful and unique natural locations, where the focus is not on real estate business but on experience. Add to this the day-to-day consideration of preserving existing nature and culture, and human well-being, and you have a sustainable start.

In addition, the activities must be profitable. All business is first and foremost a business. Without this, there is no basis for the provision of services and products, for work, for administration or for any of the other business activities that make all the experiences and things you seek possible. Without commerce, there is no value. There is no who needs something or who decides. For business to stand the test of time, it must be profitable and evolving in a rapidly changing world. When business is profitable and evolving, the required potential to be sustainable is created. All of the above can be done with quality and in compliance with society's obligations and rules. Ultimately, it is up to the individual, the decision-maker, to decide whether an activity is sustainable.

It is almost breath-taking to list all this and the task is not easy. That is why we call the Verla Suma an eco-tourism development environment. There we can try out new products, new ways of serving and experiencing things in peace, without distractions and congestion. Only in peace and concentration can you find what is essential and develop something that can be shared with others, our partners, our customers and the world we live in.