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Verlan Suma

Verlan Suma is service point for visitors in Verla and Repovesi area. Verlan Suma is both a serviced and self-service facility, open from 6.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m from May to October.

Suma acts as a reception for cabin and eco-accommodation in the area and provides services, activities, local food products and linen. At Suma you can rent low-carbon camping and eco-accommodation equipment, guided and self-guided experiences and activities like sup-boards and kayaks, excursion transport and maps of the area.

At Verlan Suma you can buy and pay for services and products directly from the entrepreneurs themselves, without any intermediaries. Verlan Suma brings together visitors, services and experiences in the area, with links to the surrounding unique cultural and natural sites.

Verlan Suma is a co-operation platform for operators in Verla and Repovesi area run by Hang Outdoors and Tervarumpu. Verlan Suma is located in the Verla Museum area, in the mill building designed by architect Eduard Dippel in 1902, in the former flour mill (1952-1985).

Suma in Verla is part of a broader cooperation and development project with UPM Verla Factory Museum, UPM Metsä, Johku Technology and Tervarumpu to test new low-carbon energy sources.s accommodation solutions, forest recreation and expanding eco-tourism services in the area through a new kind of cooperation between entrepreneurs. A new eco-tourism research, development and innovation area will be built in Verla in the coming years for testing and developing services, equipment, camping products from local and international manufacturers. The new solutions and services will be shared with eco-tourism partners of the Hang Outdoors network across Europe.

The core values of Verlan Suma are sustainability and longevity. Verlan Suma developes patiently, building on existing structures together with customers. Verlan Suma is contractually committed to the principles of sustainable tourism in the World Heritage Site.