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A Fixer is a local expert on the area who knows and understands the waterways, routes, stop-off points, secret highlights, local delicacies, accommodation options, eguipments, scheduling and logistics. Fixer will take care of all the programme arrangements and make your trip a memorable one. Fixer has access to accommodation reservations and other services in the area, such as ticket rental reservations.

The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Verla and the Repovesi River area is a very beautiful and diverse cultural and natural site. It has a lot to see and experience. Many travellers know that it often takes several visits to discover the small and best gems of a destination, sometimes by accident. You can find the main attractions and basic information about the area by googling and looking at maps. Use fixer services, if you would like to see and experience unique moments in nature, avoid other tourists and experience unique experiences in the Verla-Repovesi area.

The fixer tailors; plans, implements & facilitates a programme to suit your needs and budget.
The price of the fixer service is determined by the tailor-made service.
Fixer services also available to individuals.

Contact us: ryhmat@verlansuma.fi